Tips To Help You Get Through Your Bankruptcy Packet

1 March 2022
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When going through the bankruptcy process, it can be a lot of work to gather all of the information you need to get it filed in the first place. If you don't gather your information completely, you could be missing some creditors and if you don't include them in your bankruptcy, you may need to have your bankruptcy reopened and amended to include anyone you missed, and that's only if your bankruptcy trustee approves it being amended. To help you get through your bankruptcy paperwork and to ensure you include all of your creditors, there are things you can do that may help. Read on for tips you can use.

Run A Credit Report 

Have a detailed credit report run to see what all is listed that you may not even remember that you have. There could be old medical bills, or other old invoices you didn't know were still open that are just listed on your credit report. You should contact the credit bureaus and have them all run. Running a credit report can help you include all of your bills, especially those that you didn't keep track of. This can prevent these creditors from coming back to try and get paid later down the road — it's best to include them now and not have to worry about them.

Pay Attention To Monthly Invoices

Stop throwing out the invoices you get each month, and instead, keep track of them to ensure they are included in your bankruptcy. This includes all bills that you get, including your monthly utility bills. You'll need to list these as well, even if you aren't filing them in your bankruptcy, it needs to be included in your list of monthly payments, as these utilities are necessary for you to survive — such as your water, sewer, gas and electric.

Take Your Time

Sure, you want to return your packet to the bankruptcy attorney right away, but you need to take your time in order to ensure it is filled out thoroughly. This isn't something you want to rush through. You need to take your time and make sure you have dotted your i's and crossed your t's. Go through this packet and be meticulous in filling it out. Make phone calls to your creditors and make sure you have all of the correct information to be sure you have included everyone and all of your debts in your bankruptcy.

If you are going to be filing for bankruptcy, you need to be sure you fill out your paperwork properly. Talk to your bankruptcy attorney about other tips to help you get this paperwork filled out properly so you don't have any issues with your filing.