3 Mistakes To Avoid Making Before Or During Bankruptcy

7 September 2022
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If you are filing for bankruptcy, you'll want the process to go as smoothly as possible. However, people sometimes make mistakes before or during the process that cause a simple bankruptcy to become complex and expensive. Here are some tips to be aware of so you can avoid making mistakes. Don't Get Ahead Of Mortgage And Car Payments You'll need to keep making regular payments for assets that you are planning to keep, such as your car and your home. Read More 

Tips To Help You Get Through Your Bankruptcy Packet

1 March 2022
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When going through the bankruptcy process, it can be a lot of work to gather all of the information you need to get it filed in the first place. If you don't gather your information completely, you could be missing some creditors and if you don't include them in your bankruptcy, you may need to have your bankruptcy reopened and amended to include anyone you missed, and that's only if your bankruptcy trustee approves it being amended. Read More